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. HOW MUCH IS CLUTTER COSTING YOU? THE COST OF CLUTTER VS. THE VALUE OF ORGANIZATION . The overwhelming notion is that the more possessions we have… the better our quality of life. Everywhere I look this message seems to be continuously in-grained in our way of thinking. However, if you consider the time, money … Continue reading


The Disappearing Art of Hospitality

Is the art of hospitality being lost in our society? I’ve come to notice that with the increasing demands for our time + financial pressures we have come to view hospitality as a luxury rather than our responsibility. In ancient times, when traveling was dangerous, the rules of hospitality were many + complicated. It was … Continue reading


Washington Park Residence by Sullivan Conard Architects

Homes Around Seattle Thursday 10 /27/2011 .. Superb design by Sullivan Conard Architects. I can learn a lot! Well thought out interiors composed with clean, elegant forms. Great use of materials – I can’t help but admire how the surfaces come alive with smooth, organic textures!  .    .  . Natural light pours through the floor-to-ceiling … Continue reading

pet-centric [t]uesdays: Solitude

<<back     [PET]centric DESIGN: Solitude   TUESDAY 10/25/11 Our pets always seem to add that finishing touch. Enhancing our already fabulous rooms and making them feel like home! Can I curl up too? A few times in my life I’ve had moments of absolute clarity. When for a few brief seconds the silence drowns out the noise and … Continue reading

Finally Fall – Hanging Leaves

 Finally [FALL]: Hanging Leaves     [ The familiar scent of autumn winds. The promise of new beginnings. ] . Mother nature is truly incredible…isn’t she? Here’s another gorgeous way you can to add a pop of seasonal color to your home  [on the cheap!]   When dipped in wax, colorful leaves can be preserved through … Continue reading

pet centeric tuesdays

pet-centric : [t]uesdays

<<back . [PET]centric DESIGN: Home Office  Tuesday 10/17/11 . For some, a  small space for writing letters and paying bills is all they need. For others, a scale replica of the desk at the office, complete with in and out boxes, is essential to getting anything accomplished. What ever your style, you can find space. While scouring … Continue reading

Knit Sweater Pillows

HOW TO : [Make Knit Sweater Pillows]

HOW TO [Make Knit Sweater Pillows] I admid it…I’m guilty!!! It’s…mid-August + its another gorgeous 80′s degree day. Yet here I am…sitting inside…Day Dreaming about Knit Sweater Pillows! Can you help explain, what’s wrong with me? Clearly, it doesn’t take a lot of convincing to get me into a sweater + this Fall, I’m excited … Continue reading

Tuesday's Pet-centric Posts

pet-centric : [t]uesdays

 [Pet-centric] Posts Tuesday – 10/11/2011   . As a Seattle-based interior designer, I belive that pets are beloved members of our family and therefore, deserve a special place in our homes.  I’m embarking on a new adventure, which I’m calling [Pet-centric Posts]! Every Tuesday, I will be featuring a new stylish pet lounging in a high style home.  (Send … Continue reading


  [TREND ALERT] : WALLPAPER    .  Go ahead…open any design magazine + you’ll find that wallpaper has emerged as one of todays latest design trends. Over the past several years we’ve seen the ‘painted feature wall’ (that we’ve all grown to love) quickly being replaced by wallpaper coverings of varying colors, textures and designs.  . . … Continue reading


. BUILDING SYTLE FROM THE GROUND UP . [METAL FLOORS] .. . So, you want to do something a little more interesting with your flooring other than carpet + hardwoods throughout?! I can’t blame you. Most floors are on the functional but boring side.  Perhaps you’d like to try some shiny metal tiles? . . For the enthusiastic modernists, … Continue reading



The [ BARCELONA ] I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be good.  ~ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe The Barcelona chair was designed in 1929 by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe + designed specifically for the German Pavilion at the International Exhibition in Barcelona. . .  The chair was initially intended for … Continue reading



Lavish [ LACQUER ] .. Bare woods + grain-bearing finishes are making way for the sheen of heavily lacquered pieces in dramatic colors. High gloss lacquer is a wonderful way to add a fun + interesting element to any room.   Look For:  Bold Black  Deep Color   Shine + Sheen   Strong Hues . … Continue reading


Design is in the [DETAILS]

Design is in the [DETAILS]: [ Author : Sherri ] . It’s the little touches that make a space truly exciting + this year the details stepped right off the spring runways. . . Look For: Baseball Stitching Chunky Knits Geek Chic Ombrés Metal Fringe Plush Fabrics Shearling + Calfskin  . There are so many crossovers … Continue reading

Get Organized

Getting Organized

 Getting [ Organized ] . Clean House, Cut Clutter, Get Organized [ Author : Sherri ] ..    These wall mounted hands create the perfect destination for you iPhone + keys.. [Give+Accept] . Give us a call if you are considering making any changes to your home interior, we’d love to share more ideas with … Continue reading

Reinvent the [ Elegance of Hollywood ]

  Reinvent the [ Elegance of Hollywood ]   Reinvent the elegance of Hollywood high-style with this biscuit-tufted bench seat wonder. .. . The high arms of this couch give you a deep corner for intimate conversations. .  [ Strong ] .  The sleigh leg keeps this frame feeling up-to-the-minute modern.  . [ Bold ] … Continue reading

Key Looks That are On-Trend [PART 2]

<<back . Right NOW: Key Looks That are On-Trend 2011 . [ INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION ] Put some hardworking style into your space with chic, industrial design. To pull off this look, industrial-style interior design has to begin with inspiring, innovative + remarkable ideas. . LOOK FOR Aged Patina Exposed Bolts Re-purposed Goods Rough Woods Steel … Continue reading


Key Looks That are On-Trend [part 1]

<<back . Right NOW: Key Looks That are On-Trend 2011 . . [ COLOR SPOTLIGHT ] . Yes, we’re seeing Pantone pink for 2011 in a lot of showrooms, but the real color I’m seeing showcased this year is Peacock Blue. The beautiful “antiquial” shades of turquoise that have endured many great cultures is back… but this … Continue reading


Good-bye ticky, tacky [WALLPAPER]

<<back . Good-bye ticky, tacky [WALLPAPER] . It’s true…this ISN’T your grandmas wallpaper. . When it comes to wallpaper…DON’T BE TIMID!!! Put aside your societal reservations + start thinking outside-the-box! .    Create a conversational focal point using wallpaper that WOW’s people, turns thier head + makes them think! . In fact, wallpaper isn’t just for … Continue reading

Paper Flowers

How to make Tissue Paper Flowers – Tutorial

<<back . How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers . I was so deighted to have stumbled across a tutorial on making tissue paper flowersas featured on the blog Mod Vintage Life. Supplies needed:  Tissue paper, scissors, wire cutters, wire and fishing line. LARGE FLOWERS: Start by folding all 12 pieces of tissue paper like an accordian. … Continue reading

hummingbird blue

Snapshot of Inspiration: Hummingbird Blue

. SNAPSHOT OF INSPIRATION: [Hummingbird Blue] [ author: SHERRI ] . I didn’t have to look very hard for todays inspiration.  During a walk yesterday, I was literally stopped in my tracks. Mesmerized by a beautiful, yet unfamiliar chirping sound coming from up above. As I looked towards the sky I spotted a gorgeous [BLUE] & [GRAY] hummingbird gracefully perched along a wire. … Continue reading

We've Moved

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder….

 <<back   ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER…  [ Author : Sherri ]  . . Did you miss me? As I’m sure you have already noticed, it’s been awhile since my last post and I admit…like many other bloggers–I was preoccupied. However, in my case I have been caught up in all of the oblgations & responsibilites associated … Continue reading

Orange and Silver

Orange & Silver

<<back  . COLOR TREND: [Orange] & [Silver]  [ Author : Sherri ] . . I’m  so excited!!! Over the course of 2011, [Elegant Simplicity] Interiors will be working hard to keep you informed about the mainstream color trends & show you different ways they can be applied in your space.  .  We’ll be blending different colors and creating numerous color … Continue reading


Ingenious 3D Interior Design Font

<<back Ingenious 3D Interior Design Font [ author: SHERRI ] . . Did you know that colour and visual elements activate the right brain (emotions), while the printed words activate the left brain (logic)? . . Color & Typography remain to be the two most important elements in design. . . When you harmoniously combine them all you … Continue reading


Typography Inspired Seating

<<back .  Yet another, inspiring discovery …   Palette Indsutries — a Canadian-based design firm!! [ author : Sherri ]  .   [left] STAND • FORGET • BREATHE • ACKNOWLEDGE • OBSERVE [right] MINDS FOR A CANCER FREE WORLD   Their multidisiplinary approach to design is changing the perceptions of furniture throughout the art/design community– by using text as both structure & design!  While these ‘carefully worded … Continue reading


feeling wonderfully [BLUE] today

 <<back . Design creates culture Culture shapes values Values determine the future – Robert L. Peters   Decorating a small home or apartment can be challenging but the outcome can be a great look combined with style & comfort. The key to a home decorating idea for small spaces is to plan carefully. Making the … Continue reading

Kaldewei Bathroom Suite

What does the color [RED] mean to you?

   <<back … What does [RED] mean to you?     Red wallpaper featuring a classic demask motif combined with beautifully contrasting black crown molding are used to create a timeless & elegant color pallette. ‘Colour does not add a pleasant quality to design–it reinforces it’ – Pierre Bonnard                    


Did you know…the Seattle Remodeling Expo

. Here we go… it’s that time of year again. The holidays are over, the 2013 Seattle Remodeling Expo is back AND IT’S TOMORROW! I’ve been waiting all year for this (okay, so it’s only January 3rd but still…) I’m so ready that I am literally beside myself with anticipation for all of the unexpected finds … Continue reading

OB-Creative Baby

Nursery Design Challenge

NURSERY DESIGN CHALLENGE I woke up, bubbling with creative inspiration this morning, created  an Olioboard + entered their Nursery Design Challenge. Help me win the nursery challenge (VOTE for my board) + give CREATIVITY “Room-to-Grow!”   Only 5 days left. So, If you love it, VOTE FOR IT!   -Sherri

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